A few months ago, we announced Seth Feider as a member of the Grain Belt Elite Team. Circling back, we think it’s only fair that he gets his own blog post to add on! 

But first, a quick reminder about the Elite Team. 

The Grain Belt Elite team is our own group of people who are all Elite in their own way. Whether they are professional athletes, amazing fishermen, or ballin’ wiffle ball players, everybody on the team has their own skill set that makes them Elite. Think you or someone you know has what it takes to be on the squad? Shoot us a message and tell us why – you could snag some free beer! 

Seth was born in New Market, Minnesota and grew up in Bloomington. His main goal as a child was to be outside as much as possible, leading him to be an avid hunter and fisher. He quickly realized his skill as a fisherman, and tore through the local circuits after getting his first boat as a young adult. He quickly rose the food chain and is now one of the best Bassmasters in the United States – he even is the current favorite for Bassmaster Angler of the Year (rankings here)!

Seth’s next competition is June 9-10th in Mineral Wells, Texas. Keep a tab on him HERE.