Fantasy Draught

It’s Fantasy Football Szn, and that means it’s time for frustration, glee, and absolutely horrible trade offers. To pass the time until football starts, we’ve got a handy little comparison featuring Grain Belt Beers. Do any of these players ring a bell? Be sure to tag them on Facebook so we can see who the offenders of your league are!

Premium – The homer

Just like Premium, this person sticks to their roots and in Fantasy Football, that means a team full of their favorite team’s players. Expect them to draft their team’s QB about 3 rounds too early and take their Defense no matter what. If you hadn’t guessed it, this typically leaves them near the bottom of the league (contrary to Premium).

Premium Light – the realistic homer

Similar to the Homer, this person LOVES their team, but also won’t sacrifice the season to get those players. They still will absolutely end up with one guy off the team though, even if it is the 3rd string running back that they have to take in the 15th round. Just like Premium Light, this player is a light version of the Homer.

Nordeast – Tried and truE

This player has a strategy that they stick to every year. No reaches, RBs in the first two rounds, and only proven players are on the draft night agenda here. Just like Nordeast, their team is always good and they will always be in the title conversation. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Blu – The Reacher

This person is an innovator – 4th string running backs, rookies, and that one guy that was playing rugby in Slovakia last year are all high on their draft list. They are always looking for the next steal, and will routinely take players no one has every heard of. You may laugh now, but they will be running off with your entry fee when their Patriots RB (what was his name again?) goes for 35 in the championship.

ELite – the nerd

Don’t try to tell this player anything about Fantasy Football, because they already know it. They spend all day at work analyzing the waiver wire, injury reports, and point projections for every team in the league – and it always works. Second place isn’t an option for them, they HAVE to be Elite. That’s probably why Elite is their drink of choice – Just be sure to decline all their trade offers.

N’icebreaker – The one that’s happy to be included

We all know this person – not super into the whole football thing, but loves doing stuff with their friends. They give the league a solid try every year, but really couldn’t be bothered with how the results actually play out. No one objects to them in the league because that means one less person to compete with.

Southwest Cerveza – the mia player

Every year, they draft and then are never heard from again, a lot like…..actually nevermind, you get it.